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MYO Presenter

Stephen Gerard Kelly is a professional photographer, videographer, and documentarian pioneering the shared space between Anthropology, Conflict, and Humanitarianism. Having worked in over 60 countries, Stephen's ethos is rooted in powerful photography and videography around social justice and human rights issues facing under-represented, misunderstood, and marginalized groups.


Coupled with an MSc in Development, and having worked for years in the humanitarian sector as a project manager (in the Congo, Sudan, South Sudan and Haiti), he is naturally drawn towards fully understanding the real narrative at a deeper level.  


In addition to collaborating with numerous national and international NGOs, Stephen has worked independently with The Guardian, the New York Daily News, the Daily Telegraph, the Australian, the Daily Mail, and the Weekly Standard.  His work has appeared in MSNDagbladet (Norway), TVC (Russia), the Courier Mail, the Advertiser, the Irish Evening Herald, and the Irish Independent among others.  

Stephen was nominated for the 2016 Coup de Coeur Prize at Visa Pour l'Image, Perpignan.  He was also selected for and participated in the prestigious 67th annual Missouri Photo Workshop, is a certified Brooklyn Community Video Producer and is a volunteer mentor with underprivileged youth.  



(Picture) Mustapha Khan is an Emmy Award-winning film director, whose heart and soul of his work is about embracing humanity—illuminating what’s beautiful inside of us all.

Stephen Gerard Kelly, Photographer, Videographer, Documentarian

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