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MYO Presenters

Dustin Grella is an animator and documentary filmmaker whose work attempts to glean glimpses of colorful insight into the seemingly mundane.

Stephen Gerard Kelly is a photographer, videographer, documentarian, …rooted in social justice and human rights issues facing under-represented, misunderstood and marginalized groups. 

Mustapha Khan is an Emmy Award-winning film director, whose heart and soul of his work is about embracing humanity—illuminating what’s beautiful inside of us all.

Travis "the Featherhawk" Snyder is a graphic designer, artist in long term recovery from drug addiction creating everything for the underlying purpose of healing the soul of humanity.

Miles Solay is singer of the “revolution-rock” band, Outernational. Since the age of 14, Miles has been an activist, artist and public speaker who has put his body on the line fighting against oppression. 

Nik Fackler is a writer/director who has received awards and critical acclaim for his work's artful direction and powerful performances.

Dewey Bozella served 26 years in New York prisons for a crime he didn’t commit before he was cleared and released in 2009. While incarcerated, Bozella earned two college degrees and acquired boxing skills that he now teaches young people.

Fury Young, a multi-disciplinary artist, was inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement which shaped his poetry and music aimed at the pursuit of social justice.

Douglas Bennett, aka “ dr. Israel" has been a leading vocalist, producer, and recording engineer for over 20 years. Dr. Israel is co-producer of the recently released EP record entitle “Die Jim Crow”, a concept album about racism in US prison system.

B.L. Shirelle aka Monique Mull started writing poetry at the age of 7, but was introduced to a life of crime by her drug addict mother. After many years of incarceration, through her music she has become a voice of the oppressed.

Seamus McNally, Founder-Cavale Studio, is a professional acting coach, consultant to directors, and filmmaker. Seamus frequently applies his approach to working with actors outside of the entertainment industry.

Simi Stone is a violinist, guitarist, pianist, composer, and singer. Born and raised in Woodstock – the magic of the mountains is in her blood.

Emily Ziff Griffin, Writer, Producer, Teacher,… writes for the teenager who is ready to claim their own worldview and be grounded in their own power.

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