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MYO Presenter

Douglas Bennett, aka “ dr. Israel" has been a leading vocalist, producer, and recording engineer for over 20 years. He has a high profile career as a solo artists and has collaborated with Bill Laswell, Rancid, Sepultura, Sublime, Santo Gold, Mad Professor, and many others. 


The dr. has had countless releases on various major and independent labels and has written, arranged, produced, and recorded music that has received critical acclaim, generated significant sales, and reached chart topping positions internationally. He has performed on stages both large and small throughout the world with extensive touring from 1996 to present. 


From 1997-2001, he co-owned the label Trumystic Sound System which was distributed through Paradigm in the U.S., and EFA in Europe. He has been the primary owner of record label and studio, revolutionsound, for over 20 years. 


Douglas is also a co-producer of the recently released EP record entitled “Die Jim Crow,” a concept album about racism in the US prison system featuring currently and formerly incarcerated black musicians and artists from across the country.

Douglas Bennett, Vocalist, Producer, Recording Engineer

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