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Monique Mull aka B.L. Shirelle, Rapper/Musician

B.L. Shirelle aka Monique Mull was born in Philadelphia PA and started writing poetry at the age of 7. She began to receive acknowledgement for her rapping and multi-instrumental musicianship by the age of 9. In sharp contrast, her mother was a drug addict, and introduced her to a life of crime. They were co-defendants twice by the time she turned 16. From 12 years on, B.L. was in multiple juvenile placements.

At 18, she was incarcerated for 6 years for aggravated assault. 


When B.L. came home, a lack of resources, self respect, patience, and self-esteem led her back down the same path. She served another 3 years and 9 months for selling drugs. From the age of 18, B.L. had spent 10 years in correctional institutions. She is now 30.


Now B.L. has become a voice of freedom. She had made various live appearances, including her participation in “Ted Talks” on mass incarceration, and has written and recorded vocals for the album, The Die Jim Crow EPDie Jim Crow is a conceptual piece about systemic oppression in the U.S. Prison System. 


B.L. Shirelle uses her talents and her music as a voice for the oppressed while at the same time reinforcing the ideas of self determination and accountability. She is now writing and recording her debut EP, Restricted Movement 2, a follow up to her well received underground mixtape, Restricted Movement.

Monique Mull aka B.L. Shirelle, Rapper/Musician

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